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Monday, September 10, 2012

New Job please come to me..


Hello how u guys doing?? So do you love your job? haha tiba2 ja kan... I really not happy with my suck working place.. yes it's suck...so suck...but I've already worked there one year n two month... huh just because i dont get any other job... ohh why... T_T.. Jobstreet, Mudah, AllStaff, JobMalaysia, SPA semua dah apply.. tapi tak ada rezeki... ayat pasrah sangat...

So that day on Raya ke 6 if i'm not mistaken i went for an interview.. My friend's workplace so just wanna try some luck there.. eventhough it's so far but it's better to work on that company than my current company.. Guess what i forgot to put silent mode on my phone.. suddenly there's coming message.. thanksfully my message tone just "text message" imagine if it 'oppa gangnam style" ringtones haha.. I'm totally gonna die kan haha.. So when the interviewee asked for my photo so i opened my bag and quickly switch off my phone pwehhhhhh lega den... So have to wait for their call... and it's already 2 weeks... and i hate to hope too much.. and if i got it alhamdulillah and i'll treat Nas for this.. so Naz please pray for me k.. :)

Then just now i gave my resume to Nad.. to try my luck at her sister's workplace.. so i just have to wait for interview.. So touching when my friends were so sympathy with my problem and try to give me a way for a better workplace.. Thank you so much... So if i get that job i'll treat Nad n her sister too hehe.. Really need other job because i have no future working in my current workplace...and i really not happy... i dont like the down feeling than i feel everytime i step my feet into my office.. Allah please give me your mercy...Amin

Senyumlah dan terus tertawa walau hidup tak seindah syurga.

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