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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tips to avoid this kind of "things" during fasting month

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Hari ketiga sudah kita berpuasa..alhamdulillah.. from my view la kan.. i found that these things always happen during fasting month.. so i think i wanna share with u all lar.. who know's u all also share same problem as me hehe

#1. Defecation problem..hard to "berry2" hahah

As we all know during this month we drink less water.. So we may face defecation problem.. urghh so uncomfortable k when u have defecation problem... u may feel dizzy.. big belly and others.. Dont worry guys here are the solutions

Way to overcome:
1. drink a lot of plain water a.k.a skyjuice a lot..ehemm only during sahur and after berbuka ok..
2. Eat fruits that rich with water.. The best is watermelon.. i know not all people like plain water so u can change it with watermelon nyum2..
3. Eat plenty of food.. best example are such as Banana and Papaya... this two type of fruits will hekp us a lot..

# 2. Stomachache or food poisonous
As we go to Bazar ramadhan.. we will turn into someone who never have their meal for 3days..haha we've eye-catching on many foods that available.. listen people.. u have that feeling just because u feel hungry so u feel like want to eat that food and this food... not only your money are burning but u may cause unwanted condition to yourself.. because of the mixture of the food such as char kuew teaw plus rojak plus mee curry and whatsoever more u ate may cause u stomachache... And also may cause food poisonous too...

Ways to overcome:

1. think before u eat.. just 1 or 2 meal only if necessary.. the best is to have rice + fish or chicken + vegetables and some kuih.. oh ya also kurma... Chocodate from Yusuf Taiyoob taste delicacy dude... u can count on me..
2. control yourself... if necessary list what food u wanna buy before go to bazar ramadhan.. so that u can see how many food u gonna eat after berbuka..
3. remember that wasting food is not good.. think about impecunious person..

# 3. Dry lips

emmm actually this one is unnecessary la.. but still a problem for me.. as working person u may have to face other people so look healthy infront of them.. we don't drink enough water so our lips will turn dry and scaly..

Ways to overcome:
1. use lipbalm...
2. drink water a lot
3. use lipbalm before u get sleep.. practice it and you will never face dry lips anymore

# 4. sleepy face

arghh i know we have to wake up early then have to go to work or class. then at night we have to go to terawih.. not enough rest.. btw.. terawih can generate ourself if u do it full with taqwa.. don't be lembik during fasting time.. how to attract others to be muslim if we show that sleepy face in front other.. they may said that fasting only make people lembik.. so to avoid that sleepy face try this out

1. when u woke up.. do streching before take shower.. this will make u feel a lil' bit fresh
2. when u wash your face.. massage your eyes in circular motion 5x or 10x perhaps.. massage your cheek up then from your chin massage to your jaws.. this massage not only make u feel fresh but also can make your face look younger.

ok i'm done... i hope some of my tips can help u guys facing your fasting month happily ok..

p/s: sharing is caring..

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