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Saturday, November 14, 2015

First Three Roses


woahhhh November.. it's going to be end of the year..  so fast.. so many thing happened..will many changes... so many unpredictable thing.. like years ago we sure never thought that our life  is going to be like today.. it's all Allah's plan..

not so often sweet thing happened in my life so I would like to share some of it which I think sweet enough for me maybe not for others.. that evening.. usually if Mr.S wanna pick me up after work he will inform one day earlier.. so as he dont inform anything I will going back from work as usual.. even i have a lil hope that he will pick me because i feel like want to have dinner with him.. then that day 5.00 pm I dont know why I feel like to have a look at my phone.. actually I'm not allowed to use phone at my workstation.. but 5.00 pm is my cut off time at the counter so it's not wrong for me to use my phone except if I have load of work that day..

so I saw around 3 missed call from him and wechat saying that he have something important to tell me and request me to give a call once I have finished my work and said urgent.. I feel curious and a bit anxious worrying what is the important thing.. I thought something not good happened.. so as I doing my work I quickly give him a call because I cant stay calm anymore.. luckily my work finished earlier that day so I can give him a call.. then he said he will pick me up and asked me to wait.. I asked him what is the important thing and curious to know.. but he said later he will inform me..

as usual I will wait.. yeah I waited from 5.30 then around 6.05 he arrived... cant be mad at him hehe because I am more curious to know what is that important thing.. I go inside the car and asked him.. he just laughed and said nothing just want to see me... pwehhhh luckily not bad news... then he tooks something from backseat saying that he bought something and not sure whether I will like it or not.. and argggghhh it's 3 roses.. ohh man.. guess what that day I saw one man with a bouquet of roses in his hand outside the office then I said "how lucky if I can get it..".. truly even I'm not  a flower lover I do feel like wanna have to..especially from the loved one even I already got it from my parent n friends..

I asked him why suddenly.. he said he just want to give me before he went away for 1 weeks holiday so that I will miss him...well..well... btw thanks so much for this.. 1st flower from the loved one.. like it so much..

p/s: Insya Allah something good will happen next year..

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