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Friday, September 11, 2015

Contact lens hot issue


I dont know why I can abandoned my blog for quite long time.. it's ok I just have so much thing to post but I just have this unstable emotion this lately which I prefer to do nothing.. I just enjoy sleeping and sleeping.. to much thinking I guess so.. so more now I have baby in da house.. that cute creature really make me wanna spend time with her.. ok enough..

so this lately in da facebook there's viral about contact lens issue that make me feel a lil scared.. moreover that girl just like me who take a very good care about contact lens.. she used the expensive one than she'd changed contact lens every month and so on.. haiyoo but still she got infection.. and some more the doc said "contact lens will still harm you... juat the matter of time.."  this statement is really nightmare...

yeah i admit it.. I do face so many infections.. Alhamdulillah my eyesight is still ok emm not ok because the power still increase... I do face the red eye that burn like hell..yeah seriously like hell.. I can't even see the light.. my eye just want to close then my eye sight get blur. . That's the most terrified experience of contact lens I had faced.. other than that just the reddish eyes yet still awful..

I dont know maybe of ageing factor or what right now when I dont really have a mood or maybe I just so lazy or maybe I wanna look like someone's else or maybe I don't want people to recognise me hahaha yeah I do have this unstable emotion this lately which some people will simply say " kena kahwin laa kalau camni..tak kahwin tu camtu" haiyooo pa kena mengena laa.. I just need vacation..ok back to story.. when I have that some kind of undetectable feeling I just wear spectacle...I used to really hate wearing it because its make me feel like I'm the ugliest person in da world haha cam la kau pretty enough kalau pakai contact lens.. dulu laa sekarang ni rasa cam style pulak pakai glasses ni.. cam student pndai2 gitu..
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