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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Reading through eBook Reader and ePub Review


It's end of April!! Hmmm why time running so so fast erkkk... I still have too many things to do... Nad introduced me to a 'thing' called "eBook Reader & ePub".. hahhaa it's funny dude how i've installed the wrong application for twice time..Luckily i found it!!
What so awesome about it.. ?? For those who love reading.. this is like heaven for us.. reading book anytime anywhere!!

First we have to install this application via your smartphone..tablet and whatsoever.. choose the right one.. u guys wont like to end up like me haha

already installed?? Let's search for our favorite book!!  but not all our favourite book available...hmmmm

There u go... select whatever u like and download it...

I chose this..
Previous i've read Act like a lady think like a man.. quite knowledgeable book.. girl please read it... Currently i'm reading "Better Off Friends".. recommended by Nad.. She shared this book with me.. and seriously i like the story although few words i dont really understand... ohh my english!! But seriously i love to read it... Story about a friend's relationship between girl and boy.. I like the way of Levi take care of Maccallan.. i wish i have one too....

this is how your screen will looks like.. it will be bigger if u used tab.. haaha suddenly I'm wishing to have tablets... So right now we can read everywhere anytime without heavily carried books... I usually read while i'm in my way to office or back from office..  it's already so boring to pass by same road everyday i need something more than just listening to music... yeah admit it i still like so called 'classic" way of reading.. no harm to eye as there's no direct light..

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