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Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Sis 26th Belated Birthday Celebration


7 March 2014 that day is my Sis birthday... She's turning to 26 this years but she dont look like it.. Yeah so many people said that i look more matured than she is..They thought i'm her sister..
All because 
she wore sneakers while I wore wedges.. 
She loves sporty simple style while I love elegance style.. 
She carried backpack bag while I carried Handbag... 
She loves Playboy Perfume while I love Gucci Perfume...
yeah people can said anything
and i dont really care now
after all they cant never changed the fact that she's born first hahha

Simple celebration.. Just My Sis, My Mak and me..

Just a simple gift..
as my sis love this type of thingy..
I chose to give her a treat..

see camna la orang nak kata dia 26tahun kalau dia suka benda macam budak2 sekolah haha

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