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Friday, August 23, 2013

Money Sacrifice...


Have an awesome weekend u guys... Life getting hectic day by day.. What to do just accept it.. more hectic when pimples start to spread uncontrollable.. So as usual i always use my weekend as my Spa's day.. This day i try to use cucumber.. My customer suggest  me this... Can u guys imagine how it is feel??

I really dont know what to do... Right now i've changed my skincare emmm actually i just changed my facial cleanser... Cosmoderm products
Almost one month i've using this cleanser... couldnt give review yet because i dont use the complete set.. Because my Himalaya moisturizer still there... Besides changing my cleanser I'm also taking Himalaya Purim.. This one also i cannot make a review yet.. I'm so out in discipline.. Sometimes i forgot to take the pill.. As being told by the beautician.. I have to take this for 6 months and dont skip.. but i already skipped it.. ohh.. Then i've once taking supplement Aurawhite.. But only for one month.. this one also i'm not following what's stated.. I shouldnt take any caffeine or tea.. But i cannot love without caffeine la dude... How am i... so no result...

Right now i were thinking about what being recommended by my cousin.. But it's quite expensive... Expensive but worth why not give a try??? hmmm we'll see... Because her son testimonial were so awesome.. My cousin said that i should seek doctor.. Dr.Lim.. somewhere in Penang.. In the town area... Ohh should i sacrifice??? should i sacrifice my money...??

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