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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#ContactLensStory : Freshkon Winsome Brown


Contact lens review again!!! Long time no review... Actually a lot of things  i wanna share... But due to my busy schedule.. have to forget all this.. because i feel so exhausted hehe... So after get infection from wearing my previous contact lens i guess my contact lens already expired...so true.. So for the month of July i bought contact lens from Freshkon... finally a contact lens from the optic eye shop hehehe.. After get recommendation from the sales promoter so i chose to have winsome brown as my contact lens's color... simple..natural that's all i can said..

as usual a lil bit close up baby..

ignore the eyebag..stay focus on the eye's color
as per said

from normal view..
not to obvious
very suitable for those who love natural looking eye..
what i dont like about this contact lens is i had difficulty to open my contact lens.. have to press a more harder... cause eye to be red..
as this contact len is going to expired this month
i wanna try another brand..

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