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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sijil Tanpa Calon


Alhamdulillah..It's already March... Alhamdulillah I've already being confirmed as worker... My new job were so challenging..so tired.. but end of the month... when i saw the digits in my saving.. all that gone... Alhamdulillah... so i can contribute more to my family... It'll be wonderful feeling if we see the smile from our family members..

So on 23Februari-24February2013
I accompany my Sis to go to wedding course..
haha actually i'm the one who ask my Sis to go there..
hahaha no calon suami tapi pergi jugak apa ke hal nya..
I go there to learn more about Islam..
what I noticed is
everything that we learned since primary school to secondary to IPTA
everything is the same
but why we learned about the same thing??
it is because we always forget..
that's why we keep learn about it continuously..
hmmm Ustaz tanya
"Sapa datang kursus ni tak ada calon?"
mood sentap tiba2..
tak apa ramai jugak yang datang seorang

by the way
sekarang dah ada..
Dah boleh kahwin..kikii
tapi tak sedia lagi... pipi makin tembun.. harap Fellina membantu
Kisah Sijil tanpa calon...the end..

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