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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Speak English pun salah..it just a matter of language ja kan.. sentap lak

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Last post for 2011!! Ok2 straight to the point okeyh.. Actually it's been a long time ago i've never active my Tagged... remember tagged??hehe so just  reminiscing  about the past.. It's normal to me when it's going to new year i'll reminiscing about my past.. So funny dude when i saw my previous comment, message.. well u know the 'childish' time..

So i'm about to inform that my Tagged is active back :).. hehe and it's normal for someone that have account in Facebook, Tagged, Myspace, Friendster, Twitter and whatsoever to update their status.. So do i.. I dont know why in Tagged, there are small group of uncivil type of person like to send uncivil message.. u know what i mean right.. ok to make it clear enough.. they like to ask for the sex thing.. i just dont know why they doing all this.. Just ignore this type of message.. So i post on my wall.. my wall right..? i have the right to write what i like as long as it's not against the religion and other related law.. Ok see below..
zoom for more clear vision..hehe
So.. what u all think about my post?? no so big deal right.. for the first comment just let it by.. not related..  see the second one... can someone tell me what is he's actual problem? ok2 i know my grammer so all "tunggang-terbalik" perhaps.. The 3 first words is ok because he's telling me that my words are terrible.. so i may improve on that.. but the words onwards.. i dont know why he have to be so offended.. oh yeah he's one of that small group perhaps.. Then he try to work up the sensitive issue..the language matter.. ok i tell u what.. it just a matter of language only.. doesnt mean that when i'm using english i am the " anak-melayu-lupa-diri".. i'm mix actually hehe.. my mom's mother which is my late granny is the only malay..( i know that's no need to tell all this unnecessary thing) .. Ok i admit my english is so bad not as perfect as u.. So as a initiative to improve my english.. i must use english in my daily life.. This is being told by my colleague.. " If u want to improve english.. practice.. u must speak..".. Then why that fellow have to relate between my advice and my language? For the third comment, well thanks for understanding me..

This is our people problem.. when someone speak english..he/she will get fire by all this"

1. "cakap english konon.. duk wat hebat tara mana.. cakap pun tak betul"
-well.. at least he/she make an effort to try.. not like u only know how to condemn  people

2. "cakap english pun tersangkut2.. cakap melayu ja la wei.. buat malu ja"
- errr... he/she try to improve her/himself.. just give a chance..

3." eleh.. baru belajaq ayat tu tadi dan2 nak guna ayat tu"
-at least he/she try to apply what he/she learnt

4. " ayat power2 tu ambik dari internet la tu.. google translate la tu"
- well at least he/she tend to learn..

i know me must put our language as a priority but speak english doesnt mean we forget our language.. We just want to improve.. we are not like u that was born to automatically be good in english..

p/s: well i'm waiting for your reply..

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