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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Towards the light...

Tarikh : 26 April 2010
Tempat: Anywhere..
Mood: Open eyes...

This lately I feel so confuse

So afraid.. so uncomfortable..

Everything feel wrong..

I am not calm..

Totally not calm inside..

I don’t know why I keep on thinking of that thing..

My dream isn’t sweet dreams anymore…

Is a long time since I dreams of sweet thing..

Now is just a dream that make me think of..

My heart n my soul feel not calm..

Is it a sign of something..

Maybe it’s time for me to search the light..

I need the light to lead my darkest side..

Cause’ I’m lost totally lost..

and getting lost..

So now I’m going towards It..

The nearer I am.. more calm that I feel..

I don’t care what will happen in this differences in me..

I just want to follow that way..

I can see the sign in front of me..

No way to turn back now..

I thank Allah for open my eyes..

I can see thing clearly..

Maybe before this I live in this blindness

But now I can see everything..

Just regret with time I waste..

I’m calm when I’m in Your way..

hope there's still enough time for me...

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