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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Date: 9 March 2010
Place: My World
Mood: I'm just Fine...

i used to hate this word 'promise'...
but why i hate it? let me keep it to myself..
i rather to hear 'i'll try' than 'i promise'..
But now i want to make a promise to myself
so that my heart won't easily get hurt anymore..
it is true.. i used to have 'easily bleeding heart'
that make me feel difficult in my own life.. so emo
it doesn't matter...
My promise is
make u happy always
truly promise..
it doesn't matter if i have to ignore my heart..
If i follow my heart then it will be no joy
because i'm the 'easily bleeding heart' type..
perhaps i'm not a big girl yet
so the quote "big girl don't cry" doesn't suit me..
the best suit me is "cry-baby"..
But i promise to act professional..
i've abandoned my heart so that it will be a joy..
I have to promise otherwise it will be complicated..
there's no need to worry about anything else..
it just your heart....
it's alright i'm fine..
As we're still stick together it doesn't matter..

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