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Monday, November 9, 2009


Confusing what she should do now..

and who should she be..

some said she's too kind..

Is it a fault to be kind??

Maybe her kindness turn to her stupidness..

She just want to be useful person..

not the person that been used..

Yet she still weak..

Don't know how to burst out her feeling..

Don't know how to show her anger..

Don't know how to speak for her right..

She's wondering why her heart can be so soft..

until turning her to what she is now..

Always take care of others while ignoring her own heart..

Always give more and get less or nothing..

Always said "It's ok never mind.. I'm fine.."

when she knows she's not fine at all..

Why can't she be like others..

Why her heart be that so kind..

should she change??

And yet she still think being kind is still the best..

Coz' she made promise to herself..

"Do good thing and make others happy until her last breath.."

no matter what..

Is it so stupid to be so kind..??

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