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Saturday, April 23, 2016

1st Quarter My Weight Management Review


Ohh my dear blog.. sorry for oftenly abandoned u... ok right now i can say that i am quite free... because i've done my assignment..finally i've made it last minute again.. goshh i never learn from mistake.. okey i have a quite great review to make.. how i am to see my total lost even 1KG.. hahaha i just leave to see the number turning down..

I dont need to rotate it right hahaha...sorry

Ok for april exactly -0.90... sorry for the calculation error there... i'm so lazy to snap again n upload it haha.. eventhough my weight decreasing.. it just the weight... i'm chasing for the inchloss... u guys know whay having a pear shape body isn't cool at all.. especially when u wanna have outfit shopping.. the M size  fit u well but only at the bottom there might be tight.. but u cant buy L.. is just  so loose n totally not nice..

well actually my target is 45kg.. but since Mr.S seems not like that idea.  Ok laa 47kg should be ok..  he actually dont likes the idea of me for losing weight.. well i am a stubborn girlfriend.. i dont listen to others.. when i want to do it.. i will do it.. haha i'm just worried if i'm married would it be sin if i want to be slim but my husband want me to be fat haha..

The total lost for this quarter motivate me to lose more.. i think i can make it.. actually i'm doing nothing for this 1st quarter.. i'm not really control my food.. but i drink greentea.. i heard that by drinking it u may lose weight as well.. cant wait to give a review for the 2nd quarter that is on August..

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